Why you should use quality accurate data

Data is key point for every organization that engages in outreach. In recent years, the amount of data obtained from users has shot through the roof. Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools can extract valuable data that would otherwise go unnoticed. However, this avalanche of data has posed a crucial question: how important is the data’s quality? We must take a step back and note that the consistency of our data is now the most critical consideration.

Is quantity better than quality?

When we evaluate how businesses approach marketing campaigns, we can see that quantity often gets the center stage. When it comes to numbers, quantity does not equally correspond to benefits. Getting a big database isn’t enough.

Gathering “as much information as possible” is not advised unless it can be checked for accuracy and comes from reliable sources. It is more important to ensure data quality than quantity for the data to be used correctly in the future.

How Businesses See quantity data versus quality data

There are two types of businesses that buy data:

Let’s say, you get 30 human-verified contacts that are guaranteed to purchase something with you this year. At the same time, you are offered 10,000 random contacts that probably won’t event turn into your clients. So, would you take 30 ready-to-buy verified contacts over the 10,000 contacts that you have no visibility into? We are sure the answer would be 30 over 10,000.

However, the mindset of a first-time buyer and type B are different. A first-time buyer assumes their sales funnel can grab a high percentage, but if you’re pouring random contacts into your sales pipeline, you’re going to get bad results. Given a necessary data quantity minimum, you should always prefer data accuracy over volume.  

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“Every decision taken by business leaders to boost their company’s performance and profitability is based on data. Businesses must ensure that the data they use is complete, reliable, and up-to-date to derive concrete information from company data and ultimately raise profits. You want to always aim at your sweet spot prospects with a high level of precisionThat’s why we at Binox MSP maintain 95% accurate data to ensure you target the ideal prospect”


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Walter Contreras July 22, 2021


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